It hasn't been a good week for Ted Nugent. Earlier in the week he got into hot water with the Secret Service over comments he made about President Barack Obama. Although the Secret Service has declared the issue to be "resolved," he was nonetheless dropped from a Kentucky concert featuring REO Speedwagon and Styx, with whom he is touring this summer. Now, he will plead guilty to violating Alaska's restrictions on bear hunting.

According to the court documents, Nugent as part of a hunt filmed for his Outdoor Channel television show, "Spirit of the Wild," in May 2009, shot and killed a bear on U.S. Forest Service land on Sukkwan Island. Nugent then transferred the bear via boat to the mainland.

A few days earlier, however, he wounded another bear in a bow hunt. Alaska law limits hunters to one bagged bear per season, with wounded bears counting towards the limit. Further, Nugent violated the federal Lacey Act against taking possession of and transporting an animal that was illegally killed.

Nugent was fined $10,000 by the federal government and $600 by the State of Alaska for his actions. He was also given two years probation and cannot hunt or fish in Alaska or Forest Service property for one year. Nugent will also create a public service announcement about knowing and obeying hunting laws that will run on his show.


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