Styx, Ted Nugent and REO Speedwagon are teaming up for a 30-date triple-threat summer tour named "The Midwest Rock 'N Roll Express," which will kick off May 1 in Hidalgo, Texas and cross all over the country before winding up in Gilford, N.Y. on July 7.

We don't normally like to pull quotes from press releases so directly or entirely, but Styx guitarist James 'JY' Young explains what the tour's name and goals are all about really well here: “Forget all those TV shows with glee clubs singing rock songs. It’s time for mega-platinum Illinois bands Styx and REO Speedwagon in a battle to the end of the Mayan Calendar with the Motor City Madman!”

REO Speedwagon frontman Kevin Cronin also express his regional pride, and promises to "celebrate Midwest rock 'n roll and represent the greatest rock fans in the world." Based on the billing it seems Styx will headline the tour, with REO Speedwagon in the middle, somehow expected to follow up on the energy unleashed by show-opener Nugent every night. (He goes on at 7 sharp nearly every show, so don't be late!)

Speaking of Uncle Ted, you know he's always good for a fun quote, declaring "The heart and soul of American R&B&R&R has always gushed forth from the heartland of America," and promising that the bands' collective "energy, attitude and spirit is more intense than ever." OK, we're in! Who's bringing the cooler and what albums are we blasting in the parking lot?

Styx, Ted Nugent, REO Speedwagon 2012 'Midwest Rock 'N Roll Express' Tourdates

5/1 -- Hidalgo, Texas
5/3 -- Albuquerque, N.M.
5/4 -- Tucson, Ariz. (No Ted Nugent)
5/5 -- Las Vegas, Nev.
5/6 -- Los Angeles, Calif.
5/8 -- Denver, Colo.
5/10 -- Council Bluffs, Iowa
5/11 -- Oklahoma City, Okla.
5/12 -- Houston, Texas (No Ted Nugent)
5/13 -- Corpus Christi, Texas
5/17 -- Charlotte, N.C.
5/19 -- Virginia Beach, Va.
5/20 -- Alparetta, Ga.
6/21 -- Kansas City, Mo.
6/22 -- St. Louis, Mo.
6/23 -- Ft. Knox, Ky.
6/24 -- Chicago, Ill.
6/26 -- Cincinnati, Ohio
6/28 -- Detroit, Mich.
6/29 -- Scranton, Pa.
6/30 -- Cleveland, Ohio
7/1 -- Atlantic City, N.J.
7/3 -- Verona, N.Y.
7/5 -- Uncasville, Ct.
7/6 -- Big Flats, N.Y.
7/7 -- Gilford, N.Y.

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