Ted Nugent kicked off his summer 2018 tour on June 27 at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, Calif.

In addition to classic guitar showcases like "Stranglehold" and "Cat Scratch Fever," both of which you can watch below, the Motor City Madman's 16-song set featured two songs from his upcoming album. Like the tour, it's named The Music Made Me Do It, and Nugent treated the crowd to the title track, as well as the evocatively titled "BigFunkyDirtyGrooveNoise."

An official release date has not been announced for the record, which would be Nugent's 15th solo effort and his first since 2014's Shutup & Jam.

Judging from his responses to our recent questions, Nugent is pretty happy to be back on the road. "The Music Made Me Do It -- now I’m gonna do it to you," he told us. "My American music dream throttles on beyond the imagination! Playing all these killer songs with the animal dynamo of Greg Smith and Jason Hartless is the ultimate guitar players dream! The band is insane tight and energized! My guitar tone is phenomenal! The audience insane intense and my crew is the best in the world! I am the happiest guitar player in the world!"

Watch Ted Nugent Perform 'Stranglehold,' 6/27/18

It's well-known that Nugent spends the majority of the year hunting. So how does he prepare for the transition back to music each summer? No problem. "I literally get giddy and hyperventilate in anticipation of every tour, every concert, every song, every night," he explained. "The soul and ear cleansing silence of my annual eight-month hunting season prepares me better than anything available to mankind to throttle my style of skull-dusting dance music. God loves me more than He loves other guitar maniacs, obviously. Greg, Jason and I jam like animals in preparation for the tour, and it is an orgy of the killer music we love. As we charge the stage each night it is literally out of body."

And if you're worried about Nugent joining the growing ranks of classic rockers wrapping up their careers by announcing farewell tours, well, don't. "I am 70 this year," he noted. "Yikes! But I still love the music, love performing, love my band and crew, love my audiences and still have insane animal energy. I don’t know the meaning of quit."

Nugent's 2018 The Music Made Me Do It tour continues tonight at the Rose in Pasadena,  and is currently set to conclude Aug. 5 at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix. You can get tickets and complete VIP package info at TedNugent.com.

Ted Nugent, San Juan Capistrano, California, 6/27/18, Set List
"Star Spangled Banner"
"Baby, Please Don’t Go"
"Wang Dang Sweet Poontang"
"Snakeskin Cowboys"
"Dog Eat Dog"
"Rawdogs & Warhogs"
"Free For All"
"The Music Made Me Do It"
"Need You Bad"
"Hey Baby"
"Fred Bear"
"Cat Scratch Fever"
"Great White Buffalo"

Watch Ted Nugent Perform 'Cat Scratch Fever,' 6/27/18

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