Meow, it’s the arm of the original ‘Catman,’ Peter Criss. Criss, the original drummer for the larger than life band Kiss, has since retired his cat makeup and whiskers, with Eric Singer currently taking over the kit for the flamboyant rockers. (We've been assured that the woman in this photo was ultimately unharmed.)

Obviously this photo is from decades ago, during the band's first heyday. Criss now has additional ink on both arms, including a cross and an image of his own made-up face from the cover of Kiss's 1976 LP ‘Rock and Roll Over.’

Criss co-wrote and sang lead on the band's ballad 'Beth,' which remains one of their highest charting songs ever. He recently announced that he’s penning a new book about his life, due in October, titled ‘Makeup To Breakup.’ Criss has called the book a tale of his life story “from sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll to multiple brushes with death.” Read more about it here.

KISS is gearing up for a new album entitled 'Monster' and a summer blockbuster tour with Motley Crue, with the dates set to be revealed later today (March 20).

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