Jani Lane Had Mysterious Note In Pocket When Found Dead
The tale of Jani Lane’s last hours takes another sad turn with the news of a mysterious note that was discovered with his lifeless body. The Warrant singer was found dead in a California hotel room on Aug. 11, with an overdose of pills and vodka suspected as the cause.
Jani Lane Reportedly Trashed Hotels In Months Prior to His Death
Former Warrant singer Jani Lane was reportedly bouncing from hotel to hotel in the months before his Thursday death, often leaving a trail of destroyed rooms in his wake. This account comes as details continue trickling in about the untimely demise of the singer, who was found dead in a California C…
Jani Lane Autopsy Inconclusive
Authorities are working diligently to determine exactly why former Warrant singer Jani Lane was alone at a Comfort Inn motel in Woodland Hills, Calif. when he died on Thursday (Aug.11). The '80s glam scene icon owned a home in South Bay, which is only about 30 miles away.
10 Best Warrant Songs
The best Warrant songs reveal both the talent of their main songwriter, Jani Lane, and the singer's open-heart, open-book approach to life. Although quite capable of rocking out, Lane, who tragically passed away at age 47 this week, will be understandably best remembered for his tender ballads,…
Jani Lane, Former Lead Singer of Warrant – 1964-2011
The passing of former Warrant singer Jani Lane at age 47 brings a reaction of shock and sadness from his friends and musical peers. Lane was found dead in a Woodland Hills, Calif. hotel room on Thursday (Aug. 11). The cause of death has not been released at this time. He had been married three times…

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