Jani Lane's final major TV interview aired on Saturday night's episode of 'That Metal Show' on VH1 Classic. The episode was taped earlier this year and was initially slated to air later this season, but Lane's unexpected death on Aug. 11 caused producers to push the episode up by several weeks.

The interview is particularly heartbreaking since Lane was in such good spirits and seemed focused on the task at hand, which was writing tons of new music, both for himself and for other artists. He seemed to have a handle on his previous issues with substance abuse, admitting that he worked to avoid the temptations and pleasures that are so readily available to rock stars while on the road. He said that he wanted to give the fans the most for their dollar and that helped him stay ahead of the game.

Lane, who was in and out of Warrant, didn't shy away from discussing his issues with the band and beyond, chalking it up to a "lot of water under the bridge, but hopefully nothing bad is said on their part or my part. I hope they do well. I am moving in my own direction. I am writing, writing, writing. I have over an album's worth of music for myself."

It's tragic that Lane was in such a productive (and positive) mode when he passed away.

When he said "We'll see what happens" as he discussed the fate of the music he was working on, it was incredibly heartbreaking.

Lane was found dead in a California hotel room. Prescription drugs and alcohol were found near the body.

R.I.P., Jani Lane.


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