Former Warrant singer Jani Lane was reportedly bouncing from hotel to hotel in the months before his Thursday death, often leaving a trail of destroyed rooms in his wake. This account comes as details continue trickling in about the untimely demise of the singer, who was found dead in a California Comfort Inn last week.

TMZ has investigated Lane’s final days and reports, “Lane had been frequenting L.A. area hotels in the weeks before he died -- and trashed one of his rooms so badly, that he was banned from the hotel.”

Those sad weeks sound like out-of-control rock-star behavior, but apparently, once the damage was done, Lane was polite about the evictions. The question of why the singer was staying at hotels, instead of with his wife in their house just 30 miles away, has also yet to be answered.

Though pills and a bottle of vodka was found on the scene, an autopsy on Lane was inconclusive, with no official cause of death expected for several weeks. Warrant paid tribute to Lane at a Friday night concert, dedicating ‘Heaven’ to their former bandmate. You can also check out our tribute, a list of the Ten Best Warrant Songs.

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