The tale of Jani Lane’s last hours takes another sad turn with the news of a mysterious note that was discovered with his lifeless body. The Warrant singer was found dead in a California hotel room on Aug. 11, with an overdose of pills and vodka suspected as the cause.

TMZ reports that the former Warrant vocalist was found with a note in his pocket that said “I am Jani Lane,” and that based on the handwriting, it's clear the note wasn’t written by Lane himself.

Apparently, law enforcement officials have determined that the note was written by a friend of Lane’s who had written a similar message and placed it on the singer at least one time in the past. They’re in contact with the person to investigate the situation further. It also has been revealed that the motel room at the Comfort Inn was not purchased by Lane.

Understandably, there are reports that Lane’s family members are pretty upset with this new development. From their perspective, the written note indicates that the person was aware of Jani’s issues and should have better helped him in his hour of need by getting him into a treatment center.

Certainly, you can only help someone who wants to help themself, but would you ever essentially leave a friend for dead like that? At this point, there’s no criminal investigation into Lane’s death and investigators have thus far ruled that his death was accidental or due to natural causes.

Lane's life will be remembered on August 29 with a tribute concert featuring Great White, Quiet Riot, and others.

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