The Slice Network in Canada is airing a show that follows four ex-wives of famous hair bands as they struggle to succeed in a world that doesn't involve strippers, expensive cars and booze more strippers. The women behind the men of Warrant, the Scorpions and Motley Crue live together in 'Ex-Wives of Rock,' a weekly series that doesn't shy away from sex or profanity.

"Marrying a musician is not a bad idea, it's the worst idea ever," Athena Lee, brother of Tommy Lee and ex-wife of Scorpions drummer James Kottak says in her video profile. We learn that she's really struggling after a miserable 14-year marriage, but she's not above working what God and a plastic surgeon gave her.

"I'm gonna bang somebody in this dress if it's the last thing I do," she announces.

All four women are blunt, with Susan Dixon (one-time wife of Warrant's Jerry Dixon) discussing her gas and pole dancing career. Sharise Neil is the ex-wife of Vince Neil, and the leader of the group. Bobbie Brown was married to Warrant's Jani Lane. She also was engaged to Lee, and says she introduced him to Pamela Anderson.

In addition to the wild resurrections of their younger years, these women help each other through struggling relationships and tragedy, specifically Lane's Aug. 2011 death. 'Ex-Wives of Rock' airs Friday nights.

Watch a Preview of the Next Episode of 'Ex Wives of Rock'

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