In a recent interview, soul singer Joss Stone talks about the Mick Jagger-led supergroup Superheavy like they're creating a reunion album, not their debut album.

"It feels like it was ages ago when we started that," she told Billboard about the project, which includes Rolling Stones frontman Jagger, Eurythmics guitarist Dave Stewart, reggae crooner Damian Marley and Indian music composer A.R. Rahman.

Stone worked with Stewart on her upcoming solo 'LP1' album, and with Jagger on the 'Alfie' soundtrack. She says she fit right in with the other members of Superheavy during an impromptu recording session. "It's quite interesting, because there's all these different dynamics in one room with all of these different people who have different styles and different ideas. It was really fun. I was running around like a little child going, 'This is so fun! I can't believe this!' and they were all looking at me like, 'OK, calm down.'"

The album is set to be released this September. Stone struggled to categorize the music, saying, "It's like world music, but it's not one style." She's hopeful there will be a tour, but is trying to reign in her youthful enthusiasm. "Can you imagine how hard it would be to get all these people in one place at one time with everyone's schedules?"

Jagger is more optimistic. He tells NME Magazine that, "If people really like it, we will. If they don't like it we won't!"  The song 'Miracle Worker' will be the first Superheavy single, and the band plans to record a video soon.

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