When it comes to Motley Crue's controversial past, Stryper's Michael Sweet believes that at least a part of the group's well-documented hedonistic behavior may have been an exaggeration.

In his new autobiography 'Honestly: My Life And Stryper Revealed,' the frontman for the Christian metal band mentions that if readers are looking for stories about prostitutes and drug abuse that they should "probably read the Motley Crue book instead."

Speaking with Music Enthusiast Magazine, Sweet says that he wanted to be honest and open with readers for his book. While he doesn't come out and call them liars outright, he isn't necessarily sure that the version of events that Motley Crue published in their hit autobiography 'The Dirt' are entirely accurate.

"Is it as controversial as Motley Crue? No, but I think half of what we hear about Motley Crue is B.S. anyway, like when you hear stories about Nikki Sixx dying three times and whatnot. It's like, 'how stretched is that?'" Sweet rhetorically asks. "I don't know, man! [Laughs] Nothing against Nikki Sixx. Half of the stuff I read in these autobiographies I just kind of roll my eyes at, because I just think that a lot of these guys just did so many drugs and drank so much booze that their minds aren't too clear in terms of remembering the past exactly as it went down. I hope that doesn't come across as me being a jerk, but...you're probably not going to find in my book what you might find in a Motley Crue book, and that's a good thing! [Laughs]"

Since Nikki Sixx doesn't seem to be at a loss for words for the likes of Godsmack and Sebastian Bach these days, we won't be terribly surprised if he has something to say in response to Sweet.

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