Stevie Nicks brought her magical, mystical powers to NBC's 'Up All Night' last evening (March 29), appearing as a much-sought after guest on the fictional talk show where lead characters Reagan (Christina Applegate) and Ava (Maya Rudolph) work on the popular sitcom.

After some well-executed hijinks force the ladies to nervously meet their idol with a new yappy puppy and crying baby unexpectedly in tow, Nicks takes control by magically getting both the child and the animal to pipe down with a simple "shhhhh." It also turns out that a mere wave of her scarves can control the light in a room.

Later in the show Nicks' song 'Sleeping Angel' (from the 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High' soundtrack) served as the backing music for a montage about people moving gracefully on to the next phase of their life -- babies learning how to walk, dogs playing with strangers for the first time, and Reagan's husband Chris (Will Arnett) accepting that he belongs in the "old guys" hockey league now.

Finally, show producer Reagan's dreams of performing with Nicks come true... but only in her imagination. In real life, Nicks revealed she was watched at home as the show mentioned her in an early episode, and explains that's why reached out to them about appearing on the program: "I was so touched by that show."

Despite having by her own admission hardly any acting experience, Nicks said she had a blast and felt no pressure due to the fun nature of the set. "I just laughed so hard... I spend a lot of time with a lot of serious people. It has been a joy for me to do this, because it has allowed me to experience something very different than my world."

Watch Stevie Nicks Talk About Performing on 'Up All Night'

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