In the fourth installment of our exclusive video interview with Stevie Nicks, the fabled rock ‘n roll songstress discusses how her creativity is inspired by her surroundings.

"If I ever decided to make another real album, like 'In Your Dreams,'" she tells Ultimate Classic Rock. "I think that we would have to move -- but that's alright -- because I am a creature of environment...I think that a new house will probably bring a whole new set of new ideas and new fun, exciting adventures."

Nicks suggests that one of those adventures could be art. She envisions continuing her singing career for about another six or seven years and then devoting more time to another artistic passion of hers, drawing.

"I'm not going to say like 'I'm an artist,'" she continues. "Because it's not like I'm Van Gogh or anything, because I'm not. But I have a lot of beautiful drawings, and I've kept them away from the world. I would really like to show them to people. I look forward to that."

You can watch the interview above.

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