Bruce Springsteen's current tour is scheduled to end on Sept. 22. However, there are already whispers of more dates being added in the fall. Should the tour extend into 2013, there is a good chance that Steven Van Zandt will have to miss some of the shows.

Van Zandt is scheduled to begin filming the second season of 'Lilyhammer,' a Norwegian television program in which he stars as an American mobster living in Norway. The guitarist believes both parties will reach an agreement that will allow him to perform both jobs.

"I made commitments before the tour even existed," Van Zandt explained in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. "We're still trying to figure it all out, and we won't know for another couple of months. Bruce and [manager] Jon Landau are very, very understanding about this and very supportive of my TV career. They're gonna try and bend things around as much as they can. And then, if they can't, if I gotta miss a few things, I'll miss a few things. We're gonna try not to, though."

This is not the first time that "Little Steven's" acting career has conflicted with his E Street Band duties. His tenure as Silvio Dante on 'The Sopranos' coincided with Springsteen's decision in 1999 to reunite the E Street Band, which caused the show's creators to reduce his role during tours. Van Zandt signed on to do 'Lilyhammer' in 2011, before the "Wrecking Ball' tour was in the works.