Steven Tyler may be gone from this season of 'American Idol,' but he won't be forgotten -- especially after he strolled out during last night's (Jan. 31) episode to audition for the contest while wearing a blonde wig, lipstick, and fake honking breasts.

Calling himself Pepper LaBeija (a reference to the famous drag queen featured in 'Paris Is Burning,' a 1990 documentary about New York City drag balls), Tyler drew bemused chortles from the judges' table before offering to sing a song called 'Tell Your Ma, Tell Your Pa Our Love's A-Gonna Grow Ooh-Wah, Ooh-Wah' (a title lifted from a line in Bob Dylan's 'Talkin' World War III Blues').

"But before I do," rasped Tyler/LaBeija, "I'm gonna judge your [bleeped expletive] first. I like you men -- the roosters may crow -- but the hens deliver the goods, you know what I'm sayin'?"

At this point, to uproarious laughter and a cry of "Steven Tyler," he dropped the act and asked, "Do I go through to Hollywood or what?"

After doffing his wig and performing a mini-striptease that ended with one of Tyler's honking fake mammaries on Randy Jackson's desk, the Aerosmith frontman declared, "I just wanted to come by and say hello, everybody. I love you. Good luck with this year. I tried so hard -- no Hollywood," before tottering offstage while lifting up the back of his skirt to offer the judges a censored look at his derriere.

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