Dream Syndicate frontman Steve Wynn is reaching into his solo vaults for expanded reissues of Kerosene Man and Dazzling Display, two albums he released after the band went on a long hiatus in 1990.

Due in stores April 27, Kerosene Man (1990) and Dazzling Display (1992) find Wynn working with an array of pop and alt-rock luminaries, including members of R.E.M., Concrete Blonde, Los Lobos, and the Bangles. In addition to previously unreleased material, the reissues include new liner notes written by Wynn, offering his hindsight perspective on what went into both albums.

"Sure, I was nervous. I had spent most of my adult life making music with the Dream Syndicate — a very good, successful band, with musicians I still considered very good friends. Bands break up because the members hate each other, or because nobody cares, or because someone in the band joins the Rolling Stones, or something. That wasn’t the case with us. I just wanted to try something different," he writes in the Kerosene Man booklet. "I wanted to play different kinds of music, make new sounds, play with new people. I wasn’t running away from anything. I was just running towards something new."

Of Dazzling Display, Wynn adds, "Time has brought its merits into focus. Here’s the bottom line. It’s a really fun record. It was made with a fan’s enthusiasm as a reflection of the things that made me happy and got me excited in 1991. It may not have been the right record for its time, and it may not have been the right record for this particular recording artist. But it sure feels good to listen to it now."

Steve Wynn, Kerosene Man
"Tears Won’t Help"
"The Blue Drifter"
"Under the Weather"
"Here on Earth As Well"
"Something to Remember Me By"
"Killing Time"
"Conspiracy of the Heart"
"Kerosene Man"
"Younger" (live)
"Something to Remember Me By" (live)
"Graveyard Train" (live)
"Tell Me When It’s Over" (live)
"Burn" (live)
"The Groom’s Still Waiting at the Altar" (live)

Steve Wynn, Dazzling Display
"When She Comes Around"
"A Dazzling Display"
"Dandy in Disguise"
"As It Should Be"
"Bonnie and Clyde"
"Close Your Eyes"
"Light of Hope"
"Kool Thing" (live)
"Boy in the Bubble"
"Conspiracy of the Heart"
"Watching the River Flow"
"Crazy Feeling"

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