Whatever's keeping Steve Perry from buckling down in the studio and finishing a new solo album doesn't seem to be abating anytime soon, but fans of the former Journey singer can at least take heart knowing that eventually, we'll be able to cobble together a live record out of his surprise appearances at public events.

Perry, a huge baseball fan and avowed supporter of his hometown San Francisco Giants, has made a habit in recent years of showing up at the team's games and leading the crowd during runs through the evergreen Journey hit 'Don't Stop Believin'' -- and he did it again on Oct. 6, surfacing in the stands during the 7th-inning stretch.

It didn't keep the Giants from falling to their playoff opponents, the Washington Nationals, but it did extend a San Francisco sports tradition that's meant a lot to Perry as well as the fans; as he told reporters in 2011, the Giants' 2010 playoff run touched him on a personal level. "I can't put into words what the Giants have done for me emotionally. It’s beyond words," he admitted. "In a lot of ways, they've saved me and they've gotten me back into music, to be perfectly honest with you. They touched me in a way that made me excited about music again."

Between this and his recent penchant for taking the stage at Eels gigs, it's almost like Perry's been on tour this year. To watch his most recent playoff appearance as part of a Major League Baseball-curated supercut collecting his other Giants singalongs, just hit "play" on the video above.

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