In the afterglow of an extremely exciting World Series between the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals, we’d like to turn the clock back to 2010 and tell you a story about how last year's World Series helped to reignite Steve Perry’s interest in making music again after a long absence.

The iconic former Journey frontman has been thrust back into the spotlight in recent years with both the White Sox and his own beloved San Francisco Giants using ‘Don’t Stop Believin’’ as their soundtrack as they rallied towards eventual World Series victories.

Caught on camera multiple times during the 2010 World Series leading the hometown San Francisco crowds in singing along with assorted Journey classics, Steve revealed later how excited he was about the success of the Giants and how much the experience meant to him personally.

“I can’t put into words what the Giants have done for me emotionally. It’s beyond words. In a lot of ways, they’ve saved me and they’ve gotten me back into music, to be perfectly honest with you. They touched me in a way that made me excited about music again.”

Although he recently called it “emotionally hard” watching Journey continue with a new vocalist, he eventually made peace with the situation and these days, you’ll often hear Perry speaking positively about his work with the group. While answering fan questions, he said that “I will NEVER stop believing in all the original and amazing music we created together!”

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