As you'll see on our list of the Top 10 Soccer-Loving Rock Stars, many of our favorite British rockers have often professed their love for the game, and some have even incorporated it into their work. In most cases, the musicians support the clubs from their hometowns, and a few were even good enough in their childhood to spent time in their teams' youth academy.

As adults, they've often worn their love of the sport on their sleeve or, in the case of Iron Maiden's Steve Harris, on his bass. Robert Plant is so devoted to Wolverhampton Wanderers that he admitted that. in the Led Zeppelin days, he sometimes faked throat problems so that he could watch them on television instead of performing.

And then there's Elton John, who loves Watford FC so much that he bought it in 1976. Read about those men and others below.

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    Roger Waters

    Arsenal FC

    Four-star caviar daydream / Think I’ll buy me a football team.’ Roger Waters was being sarcastic when he wrote those lyrics in "Money," but if he could choose any team to purchase it would be his beloved Arsenal. And if he keeps making the annual list of the world’s richest rockers, he just might be able to make that happen.

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    Def Leppard

    The members of Def Leppard have their loyalties split between the two clubs in their home city. Joe Elliott is a Sheffield United fan. Rick Savage, meanwhile, supports Sheffield Wednesday, even though he was briefly in United's youth academy. Vivian Campbell has often played on the senior team of Hollywood United, a club founded by L.A.-based British celebrities. As with Iron Maiden (see No. 6 on our list of the Top 10 Soccer-Loving Classic Rockers), they've been known to play in charity matches whenever possible.

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    Eric Clapton

    West Bromwich Albion FC

    On the cover of his 1978 album BacklessEric Clapton is wearing the scarf of West Bromwich Albion. That same year, he sponsored a match of theirs against Turkey's Galatasaray. It has also been rumored that he has often used "W.B. Albion" as his hotel room alias.

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    Brian Johnson

    Newcastle United FC

    Newcastle United count local heroes Sting and Mark Knopfler among their rocking supporters, but we're giving the nod for biggest fan to Brian Johnson. In the early '80s, he was even asked to invest in the club. "[T}hey wanted me to put half a million pound in the club," he said. "Which at the time was a fortune and for that they were going to make me an honorary board member with no decisions and no say. I realized that it was just a big, big stitch-up by these greedy men who wanted more money from some silly pop star dude who would just throw in to it because of his love for the club."

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    Iron Maiden

    West Ham United FC

    The metal legends' rallying cry of "Up the Irons" is a tribute to West Ham United, who are located in east London. As a teenager, Iron Maiden's Steve Harris was briefly in their youth academy, and their logo can be found on his bass. The band even sold a t-shirt designed to look like a West Ham jersey on their 'Brave New World' tour.

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    Mick Jagger

    England National Team

    Like Roger Waters (see No. 10 on our list of the Top 10 Soccer-Loving Classic Rockers), the Rolling Stones frontman is an Arsenal fan. But it's on the international scene where Mick Jagger makes his mark, and hardly a major tournament goes by without cameras capturing him cheering on some national team. Unfortunately, his record in those games has been even less successful than Jamming With Edward.

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    Elvis Costello

    Liverpool FC

    According to Paul McCartney, the Beatles weren't "keen on football,' but another son of Liverpool, Elvis Costello, has proudly worn his support of the Reds on his sleeve since 1962. He penned "Turning the Town Red" in 1984 as the theme for Scully, a British TV series about a teenage boy's attempts to get a tryout with Liverpool. This also prompts the question: would Fernando Torres' career trajectory been different if he had heard Costello's "(I Don't Want to Go to) Chelsea" before leaving Liverpool in 2011?

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    Robert Plant

    Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

    Robert Plant credits his lifelong support for Wolverhampton Wanderers to club legend Billy Wright waving at him at a game when he was five. The wolf on the cover of his 1988 solo album Now and Zen is believed to a nod to the team commonly known as "Wolves." Percy is currently a vice president of the club and, in 2013, paid £900 for the chance to play in an exhibition match in honor of retired defender Jody Craddock.

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    Rod Stewart

    Celtic FC

    The only Scot on our list of the Top 10 Soccer-Loving Rock Stars, Rod Stewart is a huge fan of Glasgow's Celtic club, and sang, "You're Celtic, United / But baby I've decided / You're the best team that I've ever seen" in "You're in My Heart." So deep is his love for Celtic that he was even caught on camera crying tears of joy when Celtic beat mighty Barcelona in Nov. 2012. He still regularly kicks soccer balls into the audience at his concerts and even has a full-length field at his home in Los Angeles.

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    Elton John

    Watford FC

    To bring this as full circle as a soccer ball, Elton John did buy London's Watford FC in 1976, which led to an unprecedented run of success for the club. Although his busy schedule led him to resign as chairman, he still owns a portion of the team and is their Honorary Life-President.

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