It's been a busy few months for Slash. The guitarist, who put his California mansion on the market and renewed his wedding vows with long time wife Perla this summer, is also working hard. The guitarist said that his new solo album is in the pre-production stages and the band won't start laying down tracks until late October. At least there's something to look forward to!

At an event in the UK, the guitarist told MusicRadar that "we actually haven't started recording, but we've been in pre-production. We're about nine songs in, as far as that goes. And when I get back from England tomorrow, we'll go in and do another 12 songs. And we start actually recording late October."

The top-hatted one also revealed that all vocals on the album will be provided by Myles Kennedy, a busy man who splits his time in Alter Bridge, as well. Slash revealed, "This is a record with Myles singing in the entire thing. And also Brent Fitz's playing drums and Todd Kerns is playing bass."

Slash seemed genuinely psyched about following up 2010's 'Slash,' which was loaded with A-list guest stars ranging from Chris Cornell to Dave Grohl to pop diva Fergie. This time, Slash is narrowing his scope and keeping his goals a little more singular. Slash said, "This one's definitely a very focused… Very hard. Some of it's very heavy. It's got sort of a more unified sound to it, especially with one vocal all throughout."

Since Slash is recording in late October, it'd be safe to assume a new album won't drop until at least next spring.