Even though it's certainly not a seller's market, Slash is putting his Beverly Hills mansion up for sale. The guitarist and wife Perla Ferrar are selling the abode for a cool $9.5 million. The house boasts seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms and clocks in at almost 11,000 square feet. The couple purchased the home in March 2009 for $7.3 million, so they are looking to make north of $2 million in profit on the home.

With interest rates on mortgages at an all-time low right now, coupled with the home's location in an incredibly desirable zip code, this could be the dream digs of someone with a massive salary.

Photos of the property are posted here and it indeed looks like a palatial estate. The home went on the market as a pocket listing, which means it wasn't included in the MLS (multiple listings service, if you are not a real estate buff or in the hunt for a home to own). Many celebs do that to ensure privacy so people can't gawk at their properties and asking prices.

We were thinking that Slash had installed a walk-in closet to store his top hats or built a snake pit to house the exotic reptiles he has been known to keep, but judging from those swank photos, he kept the home tame, luxe and surprisingly "normal" as far as BH mansions go.

The site that posted the details and photos of the home also reports that other properties in the area should come with $12 million price tags, so Slash and Perla are offering their home at a deep discount, relatively speaking.

Meanwhile, Slash is back to work on his next solo album so he can generate more income ... whether or not his mansion sells quick or lingers on the market for months.

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