Buckle up, Guns N' Roses fans, while Slash relives the trip to Seattle that turned the group's classic lineup from a bunch of guys into a band of brothers.

In the exclusive interview clip embedded above, we asked Slash how the band came together, and he credited it to an unplanned bit of bonding that happened during a relatively bumpy journey out of Los Angeles after their first show together. "The first memory I have of it coming together was -- I think we did a show at the Troubadour. And after we did that show, which really, the audience was comprised of a bunch of our friends, we went on a road trip to the Pacific Northwest. The car broke down and we hitchhiked to Seattle, and that was really sort of the thing that bonded us all together."

When they finally arrived in Seattle, the band had to borrow gear for their show and then find transportation back to L.A., but it was still a positive experience -- unlike, say, the disastrous GNR gig Slash remembered when we asked him to describe his own real-life 'Spinal Tap' moment. "It was quite an experience," he said of the Seattle journey. "We were together from that point on."

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