Few things kill a day's productivity for us more than a new update from one of the Angry Birds games. So as rock fans, we were thrilled to get a bit of a surprise today (March 7) when we saw that the latest version of Angry Birds Space features Slash, whom creators Rovio branded an 'honorary Angry Bird' in the update's notes.

The guitarist recorded a new version of the theme song that plays over the app's opening screens. A button with a musical note calls up an image of Slash transformed into one of the game's characters, complete with a link to purchase Slash's music.

Back in February, Slash stopped by Rovio's headquarters in Finland. "Angry Birds found out that I was a big fan and reached out to me," he says in a promotional video (embedded below). "I really jumped at the chance to get involved."

Slash is now the second rocker to become an honorary Angry Bird. Freddie Mercury was bestowed with the honor in September 2012 as part of a global "Freddie For a Day" celebration. Last year, Gene Simmons was in talks with Rovio to create a Kiss-branded version of the popular game, but a deal was not reached.

Sadly, the update did not include any new levels, so maybe now we'll get some work done in between trying to beat our existing high scores. But after seeing how he looks as an Angry Bird, we'd love a Slash-themed Angry Birds game. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to slingshot him at a bunch of Axl Roses?

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