We've all done dumb things to impress our significant others during the early days of a relationship, but Sharon Osbourne took it to a completely different level when she was dating her future husband.

Recalling the wild days of her courtship with Ozzy Osbourne, she surprised the audience at a recent taping of her CBS daytime series 'The Talk' by sharing with her co-hosts the story of the time she, in an inebriated (not to mention fantastically misguided) effort to demonstrate her love for the Prince of Darkness and former Black Sabbath frontman, tried slitting her wrists with a steak knife.

"I've never discussed it out of embarrassment," she admitted, saying the incident took place when she was 27 and the two were first starting out as a couple. "When we first got together, we’d drink a lot. We had a session of partying and it's about four in the morning. He says to me, 'How much do you really love me?' And I'm saying, 'I'd do anything for you. Anything, I absolutely adore you. I'd give my life for you.'"

To prove it, Osbourne clumsily attempted self-mutilation. "I’m like, 'I’d die for you.' I went to a room service table and there was a steak knife. I get the knife and I'm like, 'I love you so much' -- and slash, slash, slash on my wrist." After paramedics arrived, she tried to downplay her injuries by telling them she'd just been acting like a "dramatic drunk," but her explanation fell on deaf ears.

"They put me on lock-down," sighed Osbourne. "Now I tell everyone I was attacked by a dog."