More tributes are rolling in for Whitney Houston, the iconic pop singer who passed away Saturday at the much-too-young age of 48. The latest post is from Sebastian Bach, the Skid Row star, who put the following note on his Facebook page in remembrance of Houston:

This is hitting me hard. I used to sing ALL of Whitney Houstons songs all the time. I absolutely loved her voice. I practiced along to her songs countless times & her music affects me deeply. I cannot believe how temporary life is. How fragile music is. Everything you know, everything you hold dear can be ripped away at a moments notice & you won't even see it coming. I always figured Whitney would record another record that would blow us all away. So sad that was not meant to be. 48 years old? Ugh. It makes me sick. Such a loss RIP Whitney Houston My condolences to my friend Bobby Brown & his children.

Perhaps this tribute is a little surprising -- Whitney Houston isn't the first singer you think of when the name Sebastian Bach comes up -- but after all, she did have an amazing voice with great range and impressive power. When you think of it that way, it makes total sense that a true singer like Bach would admire and even be inspired by Houston.

Houston's body was discovered Saturday at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Calif., and as of press time the cause is death is not yet known, although foul play is not suspected. Stay tuned to Ultimate Classic Rock as more rockers offer their memories of -- and tributes to -- Houston, who will undoubtedly be celebrated Sunday night during the Grammy Awards.

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