A few weeks after their much-publicized feud reached a head, Sebastian Bach has taken another shot at Nikki Sixx. In a new interview, he laughed at the Motley Crue bassist's recent habit of getting into fights.

"I cannot keep up with all of the hatred, you know," he told Full Throttle Rock. "I mean one day it is me, the next day it is Sully from Godsmack, the next day it is Michael Sweet from Stryper. I cannot keep up with all of it. There is a lot of hatred to keep track of [laughs]. There is a lot of hate going on, it is amazing, everyday there is a new batch of hatred it is hard for me to keep track of it all."

Last month, Sixx criticized Bach for continuing to bill himself as the "former Skid Row singer." Bach originally responded with sarcasm, saying that he "actually just [let go of the 'former Skid Row singer' tag] this morning...I was waiting for somebody to tell me what to do with my life and now...now I’m okay. Now I feel great.” But now he is taking a more direct approach, using an example from the history of Sixx's own band in his attack.

"Vince Neil is the singer of Motley Crue," he continued. "And Vince Neil will always be the voice of Motley Crue no matter who else is the singer, that does not matter...The same way that I will always be the lead singer of Skid Row. It does not matter what other guy is standing on the stage that day. When we are all dead and we are all gone I will be the singer of Skid Row, believe me [laughs]. That is the way it is, you cannot change that...Vince will always be the singer of Motley Crue...they tried out millions of singers in the '90s. It is not a big story; it is very old news."

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