Velvet Revolver have put off their search for a replacement for Scott Weiland to let Slash tour in support of his recent solo album. Recent interviews with drummer Matt Sorum and the former Stone Temple Pilots singer hint that the search could one day be put off indefinitely.

The original Velvet Revolver lineup reunited for one, four-song set in January. Sorum tells KCAL radio (via Blabbermouth) that the show was a lot of fun, and that he and Weiland put some demons to rest.

"He came up to me and he was real humble and really cool," the former Guns N' Roses drummer said. "'Cause stuff happens when you're out on the road and people are tired and you say shit. Everything is on the Internet now, you can't get away with anything."

Weiland has been touring with STP, but he tells Rolling Stone that he'd be game for rejoining Velvet Revolver as well. "If Maynard [James Keenan] can do it with A Perfect Circle and Tool, then there's no reason why I shouldn't go and do it with both bands," he says.

The band spend most of 2011 looking to replace Weiland, even auditioning Slipknot singer Corey Taylor. If a full VR reunion does happen, it won't happen in 2012. "Slash is booked up for about another year, so I don't know what's gonna go on with anything, to be honest," Sorum says. "We haven't discussed it … I don't know… I can't say. It hasn't really been discussed, so I don't wanna speak out of turn."

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