Of all the Rolling Stones' hits, 'Ruby Tuesday' is turning grey most quickly. It's a cute song, but nobody is screaming for it over the band's other classics at any Stones show anytime soon.

Had they recorded it like this Scorpions cover however, the song would have had more of a chance of persevering. The German rock band adds meaty guitars and heavy drumwork that sounds dated in it's own way, but still makes for a welcome freshening of this late '60s classic.

"Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday / Who could hang a name on you / When you change with every new day / Still I'm gonna miss you," Klaus Meine sings. He lacks the soul of Mick Jagger, but with more powerful guitar work, the song doesn't rely so heavily on the frontman.

"Don't question why she needs to be so free / She'll tell you it's the only way to be / She just can't be chained / To a life where nothing's gained / And nothing's lost / At such a cost," he sings during the second verse. The whole production -- and arguably their entire 'Comeblack' album -- is recorded with a wink. The Scorpions are clearly just doing what they enjoy at this late point in their careers and this cover comes off as natural, and unforced. As if, it's completely normal for a German hard rock band to cover '60s pop-rock.

Few will argue this song is better than the Rolling Stones' original, but that may be because it's borderline heresy to make such an argument, even if it is the truth.

3 Stars

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