The Scorpions announced in 2010 that they would release 'Sting in the Tail' as their final album and then head off into the sunset with a farewell tour before retiring from active duty as rockers. But much like many rockers who release "goodbye" albums and embark on sayonara tours, the Scorps were not done stinging, so to speak.

They released 'Comeblack,' an unconventional disc that included re-recorded versions of Scorpions classics and a handful of covers earlier this year.

Guitarist Rudolf Schenker explained to Noisecreep why 'Comeblack' doesn't negate 'Sting in the Tail' as the group's final album. "We said it would be great to make a project because we see it as a project, not an album like a real Scorpions album."

"We stayed true to our word saying that 'Sting in the Tail' is our last studio album," he continued. "But this is a project for us because as a band we never went into cover versions so much." It's a matter of semantics, but we understand the spirit of what he and his mates were trying to do.

The idea to split the album (or project, to use Schenker's words) into covers and re-recorded versions of Scorpions songs came during the studio sessions last winter. The band tried 20 to 25 different songs before settling on the final six.

While the band's intention to retire may be honest, sometimes there is an itch you just can't scratch when it comes to rock.

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