Hard rock band Santa Cruz has been blasted on social media after footage of the group performing with a pre recorded vocal track went viral.

In the video, which can be seen below, frontman Archie Cruz clearly stops singing and moves away from his microphone during the band's performance of “Under the Gun.” The lead vocals continue to be heard, yet Cruz doesn’t return to his microphone until the song’s chorus kicks in.

The video has drawn the ire of rock fans everywhere, with TV and radio host Eddie Trunk the loudest among them.

Watch Santa Cruz Using Pre-Recorded Vocals

“This is beyond words,” Trunk declared via social media. “Everyone I guess just okay with this? As I’ve said and have been saying, this has become an epidemic that needs to stop. So bad it’s [got] to the point this band doesn’t even attempt to fake their lip synching. Stunning.”

Trunk went on to explain that, in his opinion, artists who use backing tracks are cheating their fans.

“Imagine paying to see a band you love ‘live’ and it’s anything but. What’s the point? Imagine you are a band that puts the work in to be live, and others don't, play to a computer, and fans talk about how great they sound. Pathetic. It’s the norm in pop, it’s gotta stop in rock. Bands, fans and promoters have to care that a live rock show is live or it will only get worse. Madness.”

According to their Spotify biography, Santa Cruz have “the sole mission to play Hard Rock / Metal as it truly should be played.” The bio also boasts about the band’s “intense showmanship and a true mastery of their craft.”

A wide range of rock fans and musicians responded to Trunk’s rant against Santa Cruz, referring to the clip as “pathetic,” “blatant fakery” and “the lamest shit I’ve seen in a hot minute” (among other things).

In response, Santa Cruz have insisted that the incident was merely a publicity stunt.

"Pro-tip: fuck up a track live on purpose & get a shit-ton of free publicity," Cruz wrote on Instagram. "Y'all fucking bought that shit."


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