Recent rumors have Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony returning to the Van Halen lineup in time for a 2017 tour — but Hagar says his icy relationship with the Van Halen brothers still hasn't thawed.

Hagar offered his perspective during a recent appearance on Eddie Trunk's Trunk Nation show (via Blabbermouth), insisting he has "no idea" where he stands with his former bandmates. "I've done a few things to reach out and be friends," he said, referencing his Twitter birthday greeting to Eddie Van Halen earlier this year, "But, you know, they probably take it wrong, they probably think, 'Oh, yeah, he's trying to get back in the band.' I don't know what those guys think."

While admitting he's disappointed that Eddie didn't reciprocate on Hagar's birthday this year — especially since he turned 69, an age he describes as one where "you wanna say, 'Hey, have fun this year, buddy'" — Hagar insisted again that he's very happy with his bandmates in the Circle and Chickenfoot, and said he isn't looking to get wrapped back up in the personal conflicts that dogged his later days in Van Halen.

"I'm in a good place," said Hagar. "I don't want to be miserable and I don't wanna be arguing with guys and all that stuff ever again in my life. So I'd rather kind of just leave it alone, unless it was on a friendly level, 'cause if we're friends, then okay, I'll do anything with my friends. You wanna go to the beach? You wanna go to the freakin' North Pole? Whatever you wanna do, I'm in. But not for business and get together and do a tour and be fighting; I will not do that ever again for any reason."

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