Van Halen might wanna get someone from their camp outside of ex-singer Sammy Hagar talking about their upcoming new album, cause he's not exactly working hard to shift units for the band lately.

In his latest freewheeling attack on his former group in the pages of Rolling Stone, the Red Rocker says he suspects the band is using all old songs for their new record, and goes on to indicate that guitar maestro Eddie Van Halen, for all his talent, isn't able to write songs on his own.

When told of Eddie's claims to have all kinds of new music written, Hagar laughingly says, "Well, they really aren't songs," then goes on to explain, "It was always easy for me to write songs with Ed. He had all these parts, and I had all these ideas... but it wasn't like he wrote instrumentals and I just had to write lyrics over them, like I do now with (Chickenfoot guitarist) Joe Satriani.

He also once again expresses his anger over the Van Halen brothers throwing Michael Anthony -- "The most loyal guy in the world, and the best bass player in the world" -- out of the band. Then he marvels at how quiet the normally verbose David Lee Roth is being during his 2nd (3rd? 9th?) go-around with the group: "Obviously, he's trying to make it work. Look, I've been there. It's not an easy camp. It's gotten crazier and wackier, every day."

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