Sammy Hagar may have found the one business venture he isn't able to get off the ground.

Out on tour with his band the Circle, Hagar tells the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that his expanding array of non-musical projects includes a new book and upcoming television show — but that he hasn't yet found any takers for another TV project he has in mind: A reality series focused on his family.

"The response I got was that there’s no drama," he laughed regarding the "sizzle reel" he put together for prospective network buyers. "How about that? We’re too happy. It’s disappointing in terms of doing the show, but it was also the biggest compliment I’ve ever had."

In the meantime, Hagar should find himself in front of plenty of cameras with the pending debut of his Sammy Hagar’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Road Trip series, which is tentatively set to premiere on AXS TV this fall. September is also scheduled to bring the publication of his latest book, Are We Having Any Fun Yet?: The Cooking & Partying Handbook.

"It’s pretty much the manual for throwing a party and the culinary lifestyle I’ve had on the road my whole life," explains Hagar. "My grandfather was a chef, and my mom was a great cook. And I have all these chef friends — Emeril Lagasse and all these people that I hang out with and cook with and do charities with. So it’s all about that. All my drink recipes from my different spirits; what to pair while eating and drinking. It’s really fun."

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