Sammy Hagar is back with another installment of the exclusive behind-the-scenes look into his new album 'Lite Roast,' just out on Mailboat Records. As with part one, which described coffee's role in the new project, Hagar provides intriguing new details on what inspired him.

"The whole acoustic CD thing came from sitting around, thinking 'what do I want to do next'?" Hagar says in the video, streaming above. "Everybody says, 'we want to hear Sammy rock.' Well, I've been rocking my whole life -- and I'll keep rocking my whole life. But every now and then, you just like to do something different."

Thus, 'Lite Roast' was born. Recorded solely with Vic Johnson, the longtime lead guitarist from Hagar's solo band, the just-released album includes stripped-down takes on solo favorites like 'Eagles Fly,' Van Halen's 'Dreams,' and 'The Love,' co-written by Hagar and Journey's Neal Schon.

"Sometimes, when you strip a song down, and you get to the essence of it," Hagar adds, "once you do that -- you realize what the song is really about. ... When you go back to rocking it, you have a better understanding. I'm telling you, I learned so much from this acoustic adventure I did with Vic."

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