Are you currently planning a special event where you need a band, like a wedding or bar mitzvah? If so, then you may be able to get Sammy Hagar at a great price. In a new interview, he admitted that he enjoys singing for free.

“I’ve sold almost a hundred million records in all my incarnations," he told CNBC. "And made a lot of money, enough to put into these other business and make me secure for the rest of my life."

Hagar recently sold all of his interest in his tequila business for a reported $100 million and has moved on to his own brand of rum. This gives him the ability to go out there every night and just have fun.

“I like playing music for free...I'm fortunate that I have other ways to make a living. I no longer play music for a living. I pay my band, my crew, everybody else, but I don’t look for it in my income. I don’t have to do it.”

OK, so with a band and a crew to support, maybe you won't be able to get Sammy for such a bargain. But maybe with a good playlist of his best tunes and plenty of tequila and rum, you get a pretty close approximation.

Watch Sammy Hagar Talk About His Rum and Playing for Free