Jennifer Morrow, who caused a sensation on Thursday when she revealed herself to be a Rush fan on Jeopardy!, successfully defended her title on Friday (July 17). You can watch the entire episode above.

Described in the introduction by Alex Trebek as bringing "a lot of physical energy" to the show, Morrow finished with $17,800, which put her ahead of Lawrence Dernulc and Julia Lawrence for her second consecutive win.

There was no mention of Rush on this show during the interview segment, and she did not display the drumsticks that Neil Peart gave her as a good luck charm. Instead, she told a story about an essay she wrote as a schoolgirl about Mel Brooks that resulted in her getting an autographed photo of the filmmaker. She also did not select any of the three Daily Doubles, at which point on the previous episode she wagered $2,112 as a tribute to her favorite band.

Morrow, who works as an editorial assistant in New York City, was in second place with $13,800 after both the first and second rounds, despite impressive runs in both the "International Film Directors" and "Punny Classic Literature Titles" categories. But she showed grace under pressure and prevailed in Final Jeopardy when she knew information about the trial of women's rights activist Susan B. Anthony. Her $4,000 wager brought her total to $17,800, with both Lawrence and Dernulc getting the answer wrong. Coupled with the $19,200 she won on Thursday, Morrow has now earned $37,000 in her two days.

She will embark on her second title defense on Monday, July 20.

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