Rush had to cut short their performance at the Festival D'été De Quebec music festival yesterday (July 10) because of bad weather. They were forced to play an abbreviated set after storms started rolling in.

Today, frontman Geddy Lee released a statement regarding the incident. And because he's Canadian and a great guy, he was totally sorry: "My bandmates and I are extremely disappointed and apologetic over the sudden and unexpected ending of our show last night at the Festival D'été De Quebec. The lightning storm that was approaching made it extremely dangerous for all the technicians working the sound and lights and there was a high risk to the audience members as well as the musicians onstage.

"We were enjoying the show tremendously at the time, and we were hoping we could get the whole show finished before the storm returned, but unfortunately we were unlucky and were forced to end the show for the safety of all concerned," he continued. "Thanks to all of our amazing fans for braving the weather and once again our sincere apologies for what had transpired. Hope to see you all again soon!!!"

The festival, which runs for 10 days straight and wraps up this weekend, features wide range of artists -- from Weezer to Def Leppard to the Wu-Tang Clan. Rush's appearance last night, part of the Clockwork Angels tour, was one of the fest's most anticipated.

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