Now that they've finished taking their year-long vacation, what's next for the guys in Rush?

The short answer is that they don't really know yet, but as Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson recently told, they're more than ready to get back to work. "Some days I feel like being back out on the road and taking advantage of the fact that it’s our 40th anniversary," mused Lifeson. "On other days I sit around messing with musical ideas and think, ‘We’ve got to start writing.’"

Lifeson added that new music is likely on the horizon, with he and Lee both raring to start writing, but Lee opened up the possibility of a tour that would add some fresh wrinkles to the band's set list. "I think it would be a fun trip back to the past, with maybe some looking forward. Ideally we’d go out with a couple of new songs, and revisit some old stuff -- maybe stuff we haven’t previously played," he suggested. "I think there are songs that are real fan favourites that we’ve avoided for a long time. And I think if we plan to go back out, we would have a very close review of some of those songs."

While neither Lee nor Lifeson is sure how drummer Neil Peart feels about any of this, there seems to be little doubt that Rush will return to action sooner than later. "We’ve had 40 years together, and it’s been a remarkable run; if we were to end it now, I don’t think we would feel badly about it," said Lifeson. "Having said that, I can’t wait to get back on the road, and I think Geddy feels the same way. We’ll find out from Neil how he’s feeling shortly."

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