We can now add Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood to the growing list of classic rockers who have accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Wood posted his video on Aug. 24, and in the clip -- which you can watch at the top of this post -- he takes his medicine with typically good-natured Woody grace, laying his arms out to accept the icy splash and comically overstating his inability to catch his breath after withstanding the contents of his bucket. Or maybe he wasn't exaggerating, actually: There was an awful lot of ice in there. We kind of think a helmet might have come in handy.

Following Ice Bucket Challenge tradition, Wood included the names of three friends he wants to see get soaked, and at least two of them should make for good video: On Wood's list are his Faces bandmate Rod Stewart, actor Woody Harrelson and Wood's son Tyrone. Stewart has previously been challenged by the members of Kiss and former soccer manager David Moyes, and he also had the honor of holding the bucket that dunked United States Soccer Federation president Sunil Gulati, while Harrelson has also been challenged by his 'Hunger Games' castmate Liam Hemsworth.

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