We've been closely following the news coming out about ‘All Is By My Side,’ the upcoming biopic about Jimi Hendrix, from the beginning of its filming to drummer Kenny Aronoff's work on the soundtrack to the  lack of support given it by Hendrix's estate.

And while it's well-known that Andre Benjamin of Outkast will star as Hendrix in the film, which centers around Hendrix's arrival in England and rise to fame, few details have emerged about the rest of the cast. However, on Friday (June 15), the Hollywood Reporter broke the news that newcomer Ashley Charles will play Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.

The role Richards plays in the career of Hendrix can be traced to Richards' girlfriend at the time, Linda Keith, who will be played by Hayley Atwell. According to one story, Linda was an early fan of Hendrix and gave him a recording of Tim Rose singing 'Hey Joe,' which became Hendrix's breakthrough hit in the U.K. In Richards' 2010 autobiography, 'Life,' he claims she dumped Richards for Hendrix. 'She went to New York and took up further with Jimi Hendrix, who may have broken her heart, as she broke mine," he wrote.

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