The life and career of Jimi Hendrix has long been talked about as a subject for a film, but it looks like it will finally be happening. Andre Benjamin, better known as Andre 3000 from the group Outkast, will star as the legendary guitarist.

According to reports, the movie, which currently has the title ‘All Is By My Side,’ will soon begin filming in Ireland. However, instead of being the all-encompassing look at Hendrix's career that is often the case with biopics, ‘All Is By My Side’ will focus on the period between 1966-7 when Hendrix was discovered in New York, brought to England and recorded his first album, 'Are You Experienced.'

Benjamin has been trying to get a Hendrix biopic made since at least 2004, when the Hughes Brothers ('Menace II Society') were involved with the movie. ‘All Is By My Side’ will be written and directed by John Ridley, who wrote such acclaimed movies as 'Three Kings' and 'U-Turn.'

As an actor, Benjamin has some experience, having co-starred with Will Ferrell in the comedy 'Semi-Pro,' a fictional and comical look at the days of the American Basketball Association. He has also appeared on 'The Shield' and did voice-over work on the animated series 'Class of 3000.'


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