Actress Hayley Atwell, currently starring in ‘Captain America,’ reveals that a long-rumored and talked about Jimi Hendrix biopic featuring Andre 3000 of rap group Outkast is edging closer to becoming a reality.

Esquire spoke with the 29-year-old star about the movie, which has been in development for a number of years. She said that the proposed project would be an independent film with Andre 3000 portraying Hendrix.

As for her own attachment to the film, Atwell is unsure at this point, saying that she and her “team” are taking a “let’s wait and see approach” in regards to any possible involvement.

The Hughes Brothers (‘Menace II Society,’ ‘From Hell,’ ‘The Book of Eli’) were linked with the planned Hendrix flick to possibly direct when Andre himself spoke about it in 2004 with Entertainment Weekly.

At that point, he said that one of the things he was looking most forward to was the chance to re-enact Hendrix’s rendezvous with the Plaster Casters, groupies who made plaster sculptures of famous rock and roll male genitalia. Hendrix famously had trouble getting “relaxed” enough to extract himself from the molding afterwards.

As we await further concrete news on the possible Hendrix film, you can enjoy a fresh batch of Jimi reissues to keep your ears busy until then.

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