Experience Hendrix and Legacy Recordings have released details on two more Jimi Hendrix releases set for September, plus additional details regarding the previously announced 'Winterland' box set and the expanded reissue of 'In The West.'

The deluxe 'Winterland' box set will collect four discs worth of material (also available as eight 12” vinyl LPs) featuring the Jimi Hendrix Experience recorded live in San Francisco at the legendary Winterland Ballroom. Culled from six shows, the live material was recorded shortly after the release of the 'Electric Ladyland' album, as the band was celebrating their two year anniversary as a performing unit.

Of interest to collectors will be material on the 'Winterland' box set that is previously unreleased, including rare live versions of 'Manic Depression' and 'Little Wing.' The deluxe edition also features an interview recorded with Hendrix in Boston shortly after the Winterland shows were recorded. A single CD edition of highlights from the 'Winterland' set will also be made available.

The DVD release 'Blue Wild Angel,' presents an expanded look at Jimi's performance at the Isle of Wight Festival, shot by filmmaker Murray Lerner. The new edition includes newly discovered footage of Hendrix performing 'Hey Joe' at the show. Viewers can also watch multiple camera angles for certain performances as part of the commemorative release, which has a total of 180 minutes worth of footage.

Also set for release  is a  DVD of Jimi's complete performances on the 'Dick Cavett Show,' which clocks in at 90 minutes. The DVD has newly available interviews with Cavett, Mitch Mitchell, Billy Cox, as well as a new documentary.  Rounding out the list of releases, that CD reissue of 'Hendrix in the West' that we previously told you about adds five previously unissued performances. All four releases will be in stores on September 13.

Watch Jimi Hendrix Perform 'All Along The Watchtower' at Isle of Wight.