When Robert Plant said he'd eloped with Patty Griffin, he didn't actually mean he'd married her. That's what a rep for the former Led Zeppelin singer tells the Hollywood Reporter. In an article in the Independent last week, Plant seemed to confirm marriage reports that have been circulating for months.

"Robert has not married Patty Griffin" the rep says, adding that Plant was "just referring to the fact that he's been residing in Texas." Technically to elope is to run away and marry without permission from one's parents. It doesn't seem likely the 63-year-old Plant would have to hide such an arrangement with his Band of Joy bandmate.

Plant and Griffin have been dating for over a year, and they spend half of their time together in Austin, Texas. “I tap my hand on the table and (bugs) fly out the walls in this huge cloud, like something from a Disney film," Plant tells the Independent about their (or maybe just his) modest accommodations.

As previously reported, Plant and Griffin are planning a Band of Joy album for 2013 that will be “far, far out with psychedelic pedal steel and all sorts of stuff.” They are also part of a "spacey, trippy" group called the Sensational Shape Shifters, who have been performing this summer.

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