If Robert Plant seems to have an extra bounce to his step nowadays, it just might be because he's found himself a lovely and talented new bride, specifically, his Band of Joy bandmate Patty Griffin. Now all he needs, seemingly, is a better place to live.

Rumors that the two musicians had secretly gotten married have been bouncing around since last fall, partially spurred by photos apparently showing the pair wearing wedding rings. Speaking to the Independent, the Led Zeppelin legend strongly hints at, but stops shy of fully confirming the news: "I eloped and ran off to Texas. So now I spend half my time there and half here."

Plant's got a busy schedule nowadays, with two different bands in operation. He's debuting a "spacey, trippy" group called the Sensational Shape Shifters at a handful of concerts over the summer, and planning a second album from the Band of Joy for 2013. He promises the album will be "far, far out with psychedelic pedal steel and all sorts of stuff." Griffin is a member of both outfits.

Apparently all this activity's got him too busy to find a proper residence in Austin, Texas, with the singer instead currently residing in a rented "old crack house" filled with termites: "I tap my hand on the table and they fly out the walls in this huge cloud, like something from a Disney film."

The Band of Joy just released a live DVD entitled 'Live from the Artists Den.' Two of Plant's albums recently celebrated important birthdays. His solo debut, 'Pictures at Eleven,' recently turned 30 and 'Dreamland' turns ten today (July 16).

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