Photographs of Robert Plant and Patty Griffin wearing what possibly appear to be wedding rings have surfaced on the internet. As we reported two weeks ago, there has been much speculation that the pair have recently gotten married, although their publicist professed no knowledge of any such event.

These pictures (there's more here) were provided to us by photographer Amy Price, who took them at the ACL Festival back in September. As you can see from the blown-up image below, the two do appear to be wearing matching rings on their traditional ring fingers.

However, lots of non-married people wear rings on those fingers as well, so let's be clear that we still don't officially know anything yet! In musical Plant news, the first preview clip from his upcoming duet on the track 'Song to the Siren' with English opera star Alfie Boe has been unveiled, and you can hear it for yourself right over here.

Also, Plant recently made it pretty clear in a recent interview that he's not big on looking backwards in life, but yesterday marked the 40th anniversary of his former band Led Zeppelin's fourth album being released, and we couldn't help but reminisce with two features and a couple of great giveaways.

Does This Photograph Prove Robert Plant Married Patty Griffin?

Patty Griffin and Robert Plant


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