Robert Plant and Alison Krauss released their cover of “It Don’t Bother Me” as the final preview of their upcoming album Raise the Roof.

The song was written by Scottish folk musician Bert Jansch and first appeared on his LP of the same name in 1965. Both the new and original versions can be heard below.

“I’ve been a big follower of Bert Jansch’s work since I was a teenager,” Plant said in a statement. "That whole Irish, Scottish, English folk style ... has a different lilt and different lyrical perspective. I was very keen to bring some of that into the picture.”

Plant previously said Raise the Roof was “such a far cry from everything I’ve done before. ... I love the whole kaleidoscope of music that I’ve explored, but this is a place where you can think within the song, you can decide how to bring home an emotion. It’s another blend that we’ve got, and long may we have more of them.”

The Led Zeppelin singer and Krauss, who released their first album together, Raising Sand, to great acclaim in 2007, hope to tour in support of the new LP next year. “Most musicians form a band, then they stay in the band until it's over,” he recently said of their partnership. “With us two, there's nothing written in blood. We were ready to do something new, and we knew how good it was before, so we can just join up again and see where we go. We've got nothing to lose.”

Krauss offered her own perspective, noting that “Robert’s singing is the epitome of freedom and spontaneity, and I’m pretty regimented, but there’s a romance in contrast.”

Listen to Robert Plant & Alison Krauss' Cover of 'It Don't Bother Me'

Listen to Bert Jansch's Original Version of ‘It Don’t Bother Me’

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