On Oct. 1, Judas Priest will begin a six-week tour of the U.S. in support of their new album, 'Redeemer of Souls.' But before they hop on that flight across the Atlantic, there are still some aspects of the show that need to be worked out, as singer Rob Halford explained in a new interview (which you can watch above).

"Stage sets are being designed, costumes are being designed, all of the different dramatic things that happen onstage at a Priest show," Halford told Evansville, Ind.'s WGBF. "All that stuff is roaring at the moment, and we're doing everything we can, again, to put on one of the best Priest shows we can for our fans. ... It's gonna be another one of those incredible metal nights to remember."

But even if the production details haven't been finalized, the self-proclaimed "Metal God" is promising a show to remember. And for all of his career accomplishments, he still speaks with the enthusiasm of a youngster who has something to prove when describing what people can expect from the upcoming dates.

"We're gonna give you another display of some of the significant moments that we've been making in metal for four decades now," he said. "It's just amazing when you consider the incredible journey that we've been on in our metal world together. So yeah, we're gonna do 'Breaking the Law,' we're gonna do 'Living After Midnight,' we're gonna do those wonderful songs that, for a lot of us, take us back into a 'time machine' kind of an effect and, equally, the material from all of these different times in your life as a metal player are still valid and important when you put a set list together."

Judas Priest Talk About the Future