Roadcase Royale, the new group featuring Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson alongside much of the band's lineup plus singer Liv Warfield, has debuted the new video for their latest single, "Not Giving Up."

You can watch the exclusive premiere above.

The group's second release, "Not Giving Up" follows the January arrival of lead-off single "Get Loud," which dropped with Wilson's initial announcement of the Roadcase Royale project. As she explains in the "Not Giving Up" press release, the song comes courtesy of Warfield and guitarist Ryan Waters, and even the demo left no doubt in her mind that it would make a solid single.

"The first time I listened to Liv and Ryan’s track of 'Not Giving Up' I was floored by the deceptive simplicity and the powerful message of their song," says Wilson. "I could hear the potential to make it our own. I knew right away we would be able to take that song not just for a test drive but straight onto the big rock race track!"

The "Not Giving Up" single is scheduled to arrive in stores and on digital services May 12, and is accompanied by a video that arose from a collaboration with photographer Neal Preston. As Wilson tells Ultimate Classic Rock, their partnership stemmed from a request to contribute to Preston's next project and turned into a little quid pro quo.

"My dear friend Neal Preston asked me to be a part of a "sizzle reel" for his upcoming amazing rock photography book, Exhilarated and Exhausted, out Oct. 24," Wilson says regarding the "Not Giving Up" video. "In exchange, he let us use his film crew to capture three Roadcase Royale songs live in our rehearsal space. It was our first mini show in front of a mini audience. Neal is a world-class rock photographer and having him shooting some stills of us there made us feel like a legit new band!"

Meanwhile, Heart remain on hiatus while Wilson and her sister, singer Ann Wilson, pursue their own projects and work out a number of creative and personal differences.

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