Growing up, every girl in the 1960s had their favorite Beatle -- and while drummer Ringo Starr was frequently overshadowed by his bandmates Paul McCartney, George Harrison and John Lennon, he charmed fans worldwide with his sad puppy-dog eyes and funny, goofy personality.

Back then, Starr's drumming was often drowned out by the piercing screams of concert-goers, but recent remasters have proven just how crucial Starr's work was to the Beatles' overall success.

He became the drummer for the Beatles almost by accident after sitting in on recording sessions when the band's original beat-keeper, Pete Best, was deemed unworthy by producer George Martin. Starr became an official part of the Beatles in August of 1962, and the photo on the above left was snapped  just a few months later, about a year before the Beatles hit America -- and changed the face of music forever.

In January, Starr released his 17th studio album, appropriately titled 'Ringo 2012.' On July 7, he'll celebrate his 72nd birthday along with fans as he performs in Nashville, Tenn. at the historic Ryman Auditorium as part of his U.S. summer tour.

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